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Uruguay ended 2018 with a reduction on its pay TV subscribers base

According to its Uruguayan telecommunications sector evolution report, that countrys Communications Services Regulatory Unit (URSEC) presented statistical data on the pay TV consumption as of December 2018. According to the entity, Uruguay recorded 703,887 pay TV subscribers, which means 18,607 less customers compared to the same period 2017, when the figure amounted to 722,494 clients. [...]

Uruguayan cable operators to debate about the country’s TV industry

Reinventing the box, event in which Uruguayan cable TV operators Montecable, Nuevo Siglo and TCC met Uruguayan and regional TV industry leaders to present, debate and propose ideas based on the new realities of consumer spending. entertainment and the different regulatory contexts, has been developed on Wednesday, March 13th at the Sofitel Hotel in Montevideo, [...]

Tevé Ciudad se incorporó a la TDT en UruguayTevé Ciudad was added to Uruguay's DTT

El canal estatal Tevé Ciudad se integró a la Televisión Digital Terrestre (TDT) de Uruguay y, de esta manera, se transformó en una señal abierta, ya que anteriormente sólo se podía disfrutar a través de sistemas de TV paga. El lanzamiento se realizó los últimos días de marzo aprovechando las transmisiones de la Semana Criolla, [...]