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Nacional Football Club launches its OTT in Uruguay

Uruguayan football club Nacional launched its OTT Nacional TV. with the institutions exclusive content. The platform has Poipes agency as a project partner, responsible for developing technical support. Nacional TV offers live audiovisual content, on demand and podcast, and is available for iOS and Android devices. We are launching Nacional TV at a very special [...]

UOL offers ESPN full catalog at UOL Esporte Clube

ESPN will launch all of its linear channels -ESPN Brasil, ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Extra -this week in UOL Esporte Clube, the Universe OInlines  (UOL) sports content platform The measure extends the agreement between ESPN and UOL with effect from April 10th, 2018, which already includes ESPN Play in UOLs sports OTT. The agreement [...]

VTR to broadcast Lollapalooza 2019 on VTR Play and Replay TV

Chilean pay TV operator VTR Marketing Manager, Patricio Fuentes, announced that this years music festival Lollapalooza edition will be available for its subscribers on the Replay TV platform, which will allow them to watch the events content again for a 48-hours period. Chilean channel will also broadcast the festival live  through VTR Play application, so [...]

FTA OTTs arrive in Argentina

Navega TV and Watcha Live provide OTT access to the Argentinean FTA channels on connected devices in HD quality. The first one provides a bigger offering than the second one, with more than 70 channels, as it also adds international signals. Navega TV simulates perfectly the performance of a TV, as they claim on their [...]

App de streaming de video en vivo para celebridades fue lanzada por Facebook, el mayor generador de tráfico móvil de LatinoaméricaFacebook, Latin America’s greatest producer of mobile traffic, launched a live stream video app for celebrities

La red social Facebook anunció el lanzamiento de una nueva aplicación de streaming de video en vivo llamada Live, la cual está destinada a ser usada por figuras públicas como artistas, atletas y políticos, ya que para poder utilizarla hace falta tener una cuenta verificada. En Latinoamérica, Facebook es el mayor generador de tráfico móvil, [...]