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AT&T sells its Hulu’s 10% part

Hulu announced it acquired the WarnerMedias (AT&T) 10% stake in the streaming platform. The transaction was valued in USD 1,430 million. With the acquisition, Hulu becomes the owner of Disney (which concentrates a 60% after formalizing the merger with Fox) and Comcast / NBCUniversal (30%). The sale of AT&T shares made Hulu to be valued [...]

Disney plans to acquire 70% Hulu

As reported by Variety, Disney is having active conversations with AT&T to buy Warner Medias 10% that is owns in Hulu since 2016. In November 2018, when Warner Media announced its plans to launch its OTT, AT&T executives confirmed to be interested in sailing that 10%, valued at USD 930 million. If the acquisition is [...]

CadaTV launches Spanish TV service in the US

CadaTV, a provider of Spanish language television shows, movies, and live programming to the Latino community, has launched a new subscription service with live channels and VOD content. The company launched a promotion including the set-top box to access the service and an 18 month subscription (for the cost of 12 months) for USD 189.87. [...]