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El Heraldo arrives at Mexican FTA TV with Grupo Imagen

Through an official statement published on Twitter last February 1st, Mexicans Grupo Imagen and Heraldo Media Group announced a commercial agreement through a lease, through which the Heraldo Media Group will use of the XHTRES-TDT FTA TV concession, in the Valley of Mexico, of which Grupo Imagen retains ownership. As detailed, the agreement will result [...]

Grupo Imagen signs deal with YouTube in Mexico

Grupo Imagen, through its free-to-air TV channel Imagen Televisión, has signed a deal with YouTube with the aim of providing support on the Internet to the growing demand for sports content, TV series, news and entertainment TV shows. Under the agreement, users of the app and the site of Imagen Televisión will continue to access [...]

Third national free-to-air network to broadcast on channel 3 in Mexico

The third national free-to-air network, which was granted to Grupo Imagen, will use the channel 3 to broadcast in Mexico, said Maria Lizárraga, head of the Media Unit and Contents of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).   Lizárraga informed that from October 27 the population will have to reprogram the TV sets in order that national [...]

Cadena Tres de México apagó su señal abierta regional de cara su lanzamiento en la TDT nacional en 2016Cadena Tres of Mexico turned off its regional Free-To-Air signal to face its 2016 launch on the national DTT

El canal de TV abierta regional Cadena Tres (Grupo Empresarial Ángeles) de México apagó el 23 de octubre su señal regional de la zona metropolitana de cara al lanzamiento como tercera cadena de alcance nacional a partir de 2016 en la Televisión Digital Terrestre (TDT). La señal abierta, correspondiente al canal 28 de la televisión [...]