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Gloud launches gaming show on YouTube

Cloud-based gaming platform Gloud, owned by Turner Latin America, has launched “Los Glouder”, a weekly show focused on the gaming industry and available in five-minute capsules on YouTube. It is produced by digital agency Lanzallamas. “Los Glouder” is inspired by “Los Gumers”, an Argentine television show that explained different aspects of the videogame universe in [...]

Turner launches gaming streaming service Gloud in Chile

Turner Latin America announced the launch of its gaming streaming service Gloud in Chile. The platform allows users to access a game catalog, without the need to have a console. The monthly subscription costs CH$ 7,735 (USD 12.7). Gloud was initially launched in Argentina, in December 2017, and now it has extended its reach to [...]

Turner readies launch of new gaming platform

Turner will launch soon in Argentina and Chile its new product GLOUD, a new streaming gaming platform, which will be available for a monthly subscription, as NexTV News Latam already reported. This new initiative arose from the creativity and innovative strength of a group of Argentine executives of the company and will arrive to revolutionize [...]