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Accused of pay TV piracy are condemned with preventive detention in Argentina

Argentine Instruction Court N°3 from Corrientes City ordered the prosecution with preventive detention for people accused of piraced channels broadcasts. They are three people close to Caa Catí Cable Visión and the owner of Itati Cable Color. The complaint made to the first company is linked to the last raid, in August 2017, where three [...]

FX launches 360º video to promote the premiere of “The Exorcist”

Anticipating the premiere of its new show The Exorcist, pay TV network FX has launched through its YouTube channel a 360º video in which users can experience the first interactive exorcism, recreating the iconic scene from the original movie. The show will debut Friday, September 23, simultaneously with the US.   In the video the [...]

Fox emitió en Latinoamérica el capítulo conjunto entre Los Simpson y Padre de Familia con una propuesta de idioma innovadoraFox broadcasted the episode where The Simpsons and Family Guy merge with an innovative language proposal in Latin America

La cadena de canales Fox emitió a través de su señal FX en Latinoamérica el capítulo especial que juntó a los personajes de Los Simpson con los de Padre de Familia (Family Guy) con una propuesta de idioma innovadora, ya que mezcló el audio doblado al español con el audio original en inglés al cual [...]