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Panama moves forward in the analog blackout’s implementation

The Panamanian National Public Services Authority (ASEP) announced yesterday that the analog blackouts phase I will be fully implemented next October 1st, 2020 in Panama, Panama Oeste and Colon provinces. According to the entity, the TDT migrations phase I provinces have an up to 23 fully digital contents offer already available. With this partial analog [...]

TVs from Panama must be sold with tuners for digital TV

Panamanian Public Services National Authority (ASEP)  reported that since April 1st all economic agents that market TVs in the country must sell them with the digital TV or DVB-T tuner incorporated, so that they can receive digital broadcasts. Panama, Colombia and some Caribbean territories have chosen this European standard for DTT. The only exception to [...]

Panama: retailers to stop selling analog TVs in 2019

Starting in April 2019, all TV sets sold in Panama will have to include a DVB-T tuner. The announcement was made by Roberto Meana Meléndez, General Administrator of the National Authority of Public Services (Asep), during a meeting with journalists. “This type of action will bring us closer to continuing to monitor the development of [...]

Antina de Argentina migrará a DVB-T 2Argentine Antina will migrate to DVB-T 2

El operador de TV paga inalámbrico argentino Antina va a migrar al estándar DVB-T 2 a comienzos del año próximo. Esta modificación le posibilitará mejorar la calidad y ampliar su oferta de servicios.  Antina ya comenzó a trabajar para añadir el servicio HD y sondea distintos proveedores de cajas. No se descarta la incorporación de [...]