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Private and premium ad marketplaces to close first Nextv Ad Latin America’s virtual edition

The last panel of what will be the first Nextv Ad Latin Americas virtual edition, a new Dataxis event focused on analyzing and discussing the latest trends in the Latin American advertising market, will be called Private and premium ad marketplaces, and will take place next Thursday, May 27th, between 11:40 AM and 12:30 PM [...]

Nextv Series Andean to debate on the new D2C and VOD challenges with Win Sports, ATRESplayer and Dailymotion

Another of the discussion panel that will be held on day 1 of Nextv Series Andean, digital event organized by Dataxis, is called The new challenge of D2C and VOD, and will take place on Tuesday, April 20th between 10:30 AM and 11:20 AM (COT). Registration to enter this and the rest of the panels [...]