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CRC detects minimum cord cutting impact in Colombia

The report OTT services role in Colombian telecommunications area, developed by that countrys Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), determined that, in the last 12 months, only 2% of pay TV subscribers canceled the service and decided to migrate to OTT. The information presented establishes that 72% of Colombians who own TVs in their homes have pay [...]

CRC from Colombia publishes new regulation for bundled telecommunications services

The Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) from Colombia announced that it passed a resolution establishing a new regulatory framework for convergent services that will force operators to offer each service individually under similar conditions as offered in bundled packages.   The telecommunications companies will have to specify individual prices for each service as well as any [...]

Pay-TV penetration in Colombia would have reached 82.2% in 2015 according to the CRC

  According to a survey published by the Commission for Communications Regulation (CRC) of Colombia, Pay-TV penetration in the country would have reached 82.2% in 2015, adding those with a subscription and those with access to community services.   The TV Habits and Uses study, prepared by consulter Yanhaas, counted that 71.9% of respondents said [...]

Colombian TV operators demand the merger of telecom regulators CRC, Antv and ANE

  TV operators of Colombia demanded that the national government updates the Television Law and merges the three telecommunication regulators in that country: the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), the National Television Agency (Antv) and the National Spectrum Agency (ANE).   During the Andina Link 2016 fair, held in the local town of Cartagena de Indias, [...]

According to the CRC, 25.2% of Colombians combine video consumption on TV and the internet and 2.7% only do so online

  According to a report made for the Communications Regulation Committee (CRC) of Colombia, 25.2% of the population combines video consumption through traditional linear TV and the internet, while 2.7% (1.3 million people) only does so through online platforms.   During the Andean Link 2016 fair, which was held in the local town of Cartagena [...]