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América TV channel of Peru buys 50.1% of shares of Argentine production company Kapow

The Peruvian open TV channel América TV reached an agreement with the Argentine production company Kapow, one of the most important in Latin America for having generated content for Disney (Alternative Therapy), Amazon Prime (El Presidente, La Jauría) and Netflix (Estocolmo), to buy 50.1% of its shares. However, despite having sold the majority stake of [...]

Amazon Prime Video acquires Latin American content package from EO Media

Amazon Prime Video reached a content agreement with the distribution company EO Media to acquire a package of seven TV shows of South American production, five originals from Argentina and two from Peru, which are already available on the platform for all subscribers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Among the titles that premiered on [...]

Flow exceeds one million subscribers in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in Q3 2021

Flow, Telecom’s advanced TV service in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, reached 1.1 million subscribers at the end of the third quarter of the year, as announced by the company in the financial results report for the last period. After having grown 4% in its customer base, with a total of 43 thousand positive net additions, [...]

Cooperative in the town of Córdoba, Argentina, grows thanks to its own OTT

COOPMORTEROS, a cooperative in the same name town in the Argentine province of Córdoba, changed the way of watching television on its subscriber network. Two years after launching Sensa, its own streaming platform that allows customers to watch live television and access an On Demand catalogue from any device, the service continues to grow because [...]

The former head of Channel 9 in Argentina is prosecuted for attempted transfer fraud

The businessman Remigio González González, former head of Canal 9 of Argentina, was prosecuted under the decision of Judge Servini after being accused of attempted fraud during the share transfer of the signal, which now belongs to the national multimedia company Grupo Octubre. On the other hand, the case is also related to a dispute [...]

Claro offers an exclusive Amazon Prime Video platform for cell phones in Argentina

Claro integrated the exclusive edition for cell phones of the Amazon Prime Video platform into its mobile phone service in Argentina. In this way, subscribers of the prepaid plan will be able to access a specific version of the OTT, in standard quality and without the possibility of multiscreen. Last year, the operator Tigo (Milicom) [...]

Rural life channel Chacra TV signs with Telecom in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

Chacra TV, the 24 specialized in the countryside lifestyle, reached an agreement with Telecom to integrate its pay TV grid in three South American countries through Flow Argentina, Cablevisión Uruguay and Personal Paraguay. From now on, the clients of the services will be able to enjoy content related to rural life and tourism. The signal [...]

South American movie “Fever Dream” is the most watched on Netflix in the United States

“Fever Dream“, the South American Netflix film directed by Peruvian Claudia Llosa and co-written and based on the novel by Argentinian Samanta Schweblin, led the platform’s top 10 in the United States and became the most watched in the country. Meanwhile, it didnt have the same success in Latin America, where, for example, it barely [...]

Amazon Prime Video agrees with Argentina’s open TV signal for the premiere of Maradona: Sueño Bendito

Amazon Prime Video made an agreement with the open TV signal from Argentina, Canal 9, to broadcast live the premiere event and the first episode of Maradona: Sueño Bendito, the new series based on the life of the popular soccer player. As reported by the streaming service, the other nine episodes will be released weekly [...]