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Movistar grows in FTTH and IPTV in Colombia during 2020

As part of the operating and financial results recently announced by Movistar Colombia, the company reported that it has ended 2020 with 1.2 million broadband internet customers, of which 329 thousand have FTTH services with symmetric speeds of up to 500 MB in Bogota and 300 MB in the rest of the country. In addition, [...]

Big Brother Brazil was the second most searched Netflix content on Google globally in 2020

According to the latest Netflix quarterly results report (Q4 2020), the platform informed that the reality show Big Brother Brazil ranked second in a top 10 of the platforms content catalog most searched on Google worldwide during last year. In the top 10 shown by Netflix, Big Brother Brazil is the only title which is [...]

Movistar Chile doubles IPTV accesses during 2020

As part of its 2020 financial results presentation, released by the company on March 3rd, Movistar Chile highlighted the growth of its FTTH client portfolio during the year by 54.1% compared to 2019. In addition, during the January-December 2020 period, the company’s IPTV accesses grew by 94.7%, reaching 40.3% of total TV accesses. Movistar Chiles [...]

Movistar Peru ends 2020 with 136 thousand homes with FTTH in Lima and plans to reach 600 thousand this year

As part of the its 2020 financial results presentation  officially announced on February 12th, Telefonica Peru -where it operates under the Movistar brand, as in the rest of the countries in the region-, announced that it has strengthened its FTTH deployment offer in Lima, and ended the year with about 136 million homes with that [...]

Disney+ reports almost 95 million subscribers globally one year after its original launch

As part of its financial results presentation for the first fiscal quarter (from October to December 2020), The Walt Disney Company reported that, just over a year after the official launch of Disney+ – which took place in the US on November 12th, 2019-, its SVOD OTT currently reports 94.9 million subscribers globally. The figure [...]

Pay TV ends 2020 with a 5.6% loss on its subscribers base in Brazil

According to information recently reported by the Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Anatel), the telecommunications regulator in Brazil, the pay TV market recorded a 5.6% loss on its total subscribers base during 2020, and 828 thousand customers less compared to 2019. The sector ended the year with 14,856 million subscribers, continuing the decline in customers that [...]

HITN negotiates with several operators in the region to integrate its contents

Another of the panels that took place during the last Nextv Series Méxicos virtual edition was titled How to raise ARPU and reduce churn in OTT?. Some of the main discussion topics focused on analytics and personalization to keep customer engagement and satisfaction;  new revenue streams: advertising, premium and TVOD; and challenges of linear channels [...]

Watch TV customers can access HBO GO directly in Brazil

Another of the panels that took place last December 9th last during the Nextv Series Brasils virtual edition was called Pay TV operators: the road to OTT. Some of the main topics of the debate focused on TV apps or fully hybrid STB deployments; OTT pay TVs and competition with cable operators; and STBs, streaming [...]

Mauro Fukuda (Oi): ‘There is a trend to evolve towards pay TV without STB, but today STB features many needs’

The third panel that took place during the last Nextv Series Brazils virtual edition, which was developed last December 9th, was titled New OTT TV models for ISPs and telcos. There, some of the main topics debated focused on IPTV or pure OTT alternatives; associative linear and VOD OTT services; and new app TV aggregation [...]

Media Distillery starts conversations with TV operators for EPG Correction and Episodic Images solutions

Another of the virtual panels that were developed during the last Nextv Series Mexicos virtual edition was called Steps to an ultimate viewing experience on TV platforms. In this case, Dataxis held a one-on-one session last December 2nd with Patu Antunes, Business Development Manager Latam at Media Distillery. Regarding the functions developed by Media Distillery, [...]