Subtel notifies VTR for services interruptions in Santiago de Chile

After last Friday, May 8th, an almost 10-hour failure  that affected landline, mobile internet and pay TV VTR customers was reported in comunes like Peñalolén, Lampa and Colina (Santiago de Chile), the Chilean Telecommunications Subsecretary decided to notify the company. 

In the document, the regulator asked VTR for more information regarding the reasons why the failure was caused, the current number of clients affected, the compensation measures for its subscribers and the actions for the Chilean operator to take , for the situation not to happen again. As the Chilean newspaper La Tercera officially reports in its web version, VTR must give an answer within 10 business days, starting  from the date the document was sent, which took place two days ago. La Tercera also reported that telecommunication services users must receive a discount on their monthly fee in case the service they are paying for is cancelled, suspended or suffers any change for reasons beyond the user’s control, which takes place in more than six hours in a day or 12 continued or discontinued hours in a  month.

In response to Subtel, VTR stated that the discontinuation of services to which the regulator makes reference ‘was caused by an intentional interruption in our fiber optic network, affecting the Colina, Lampa and Quilicura sectors’. The Chilean company also reported that, from December to date, intentional vandalism acts that affect its network have increased exponentially, leaving more than 150 thousand customers without service. ‘Although we have emergency teams that repair our network 24 hours a day, the process of reactivating the service takes time, which directly affects our customers experience’, reported VTR.

This way, the company reported to have  initiated ‘the respective legal actions, and we are working together with the police, to be able to end these gangs that are dedicated to this type of crimes. We hope to have results soon’. In addition, VTR asked the Chilean comunity for any background to be sent to them at ”.