Subtel asks Chilean operators for a report on the behavior of their networks due to broadband use increasement

The Chilean Communications Subsecretary (Subtel) asked Claro, Entel, Mundo Pacífico, GTD, Movistar, VTR, WOM and others, to report on the behavior of their networks and work plans due to a 30% increasement in Internet use in homes that was detected in the country because of the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Chilean regulator asked the operators to develop a report detailing several points, such as the state of the telecommunications networks; traffic behavior to date and in comparison  with the last 120 days; traffic projection in view of the increase in broadband demand that the country is experiencing due to the expansion of Covid-19; and indicate the staff available in each company to solve technical failures and visit homes that show unavailability of the service.

As reported by the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Antonio Bueno, Chief Technology Officer at Movistar Chile, acknowledged the increase in traffic and explained that ‘as an example, if we consider only the use of video platforms, they increased by more than 25%. Only in the fixed world, the increase in traffic has been distributed at times when families are usually not at home’. He also reported that broadband traffic in homes in the hours of greatest demand has grown in order of 25%, while, in the exclusive case of video, that figure has risen by 32%, which is similar  to additionally reproduce 23 thousand HD movies simultaneously.