Starzplay launches five original Latin American series in Mexico

The streaming service Starzplay announced the launch of five new original productions made in Latin America, available to all subscribers in Mexico. “Señorita 89”, “MalaYerba”, “Toda la Sangre”, “El Refugio” and “Express” will arrive on the platform in 2022, expanding the OTT’s content offering in Spanish.

During the presentation event, Superna Kalle, president of the International Starz Network, declared: “The part of the Spanish language is important for any player, the Mexican industry is the most important, and it’s at the level of other countries. It’s a very talented market, and the idea is to promote local content from Latin America, with great stories”.

In addition, he affirmed that Strazplay plans to incorporate even more titles in Spanish in the coming years, and explained how the selection process of the five titles that will premiere in 2022 was like. “We looked for the best production houses in Latin America, to achieve a better curatorship, it has been quite a mission, but the main goal is to increase production to achieve two monthly premieres“, Kalle, said. “By 2025 we want to reach 50 million users globally, which includes Starz and Starzplay“, she added.