Sportv Series Latin America & US Hispanic brought together the main leaders of TV and OTT sports business

Last Wednesday, October 2nd, Sportv Series Latin America & US Hispanic had its first edition at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami. The conference, organized by Dataxis, brought together more than 40 executives from the main companies in the sports business on TV and OTT, to discuss where this market is heading in Latin America and the US Hispanic. In different panels, executives discussed about the most interesting topics in these industry.

‘Consumption is no longer passive. People want to interact with the sports they enjoy. They look for experiences that connect them and, if the industry does not take this variable into account, it will lose its audience interest and, thus, the possibility of monetizing’, said Gabriel Baños, CEO & Founder at Flowics.

In addition, Fernanda Sainz, Marketing and New Business Director at Caliente Interactive, said that, currently, operators ‘are not taking advantage of all the opportunities that technology offers, such as the use of online bets’, described by the executive as ‘a trend that grows very fast in the region and needs interaction to be materialized’. Regarding the need to offer the audiences the possibility of playing and winning through multiple digital platforms connected to the broadcast industry, Sainz insisted on the need to “pay attention to this growing trend, because when a sport grows, bets on them grow too’.

About the eSports boom in Latin America, Ricardo Nogueira Magri, Business Development Director Latin America at Sportradar, said that in the region ‘eSports rank fifth in consumption within OTT platforms, with a very strong presence in Brazil, where tournaments are held very frequently’.  The executive later added that eSports ‘are consumed by a young audience, who likes to interact with the eSports and their friends at the same time’, and, according to their sayings, ‘after about five years these games will dominate the market’.

‘Payment options for sports content must be easy in the region, taking into account that not all people are banked, so it is essential to think and act according to each country’s  context and be able to offer them options to pay without difficulties for the content they like to access’, said Ignacio Estanga, Director of Content & Partnership, Spanish Speaking Americas at Twitch, regarding ways to monetize eSports in Latin America.