Smart TVs must include DTV Play technology from 2021 in Brazil

Starting in 2021, smart TVs made in Brazil must feature the DTV-Play technology (Profile D of the Ginga middleware). As reported by the Asociacion Brasileña de Emisoras de Radio y Television (ABERT), the tool will be gradually implemented between 2021 and 2023, and will enable more interaction ways between audiences and the content  aired on FTA TV networks, both via broadcast and broadband .

According to Interministerial Ordinance N° 40, officially published this past Tuesday, by 2023, at least 90% of smart TVs with liquid crystal screens made in Brazil, must include DTV Play, which will be identified through a specific logo. The incorporation of the new tool will be implemented out gradually: 30% of smart TVs made in Brazil must have DTV Play in 2021; 60% in 2022, and 90% in 2023.

In 2019, the SBTVD Forum, responsible for the development of digital TV in Brazil, announced the launch of the latest version of DTV Play, which allows access to Smart TV apps without having to stop watching FTA TV content. Until then, to access any internet content, users had to leave the TV and search the apps menu, in order to choose one they want to access. In addition, last July 9th, it reported that, for the implementation of DTV Play, it is developing a series of trial versions that will ensure interoperability between those Smart TVs that have the D profile of Ginga middleware, with the apps that FTA TV networks will develop.

Apart from Brazil, the Brazilian Digital Television System (ISDB-Tb) is also implemented in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Honduras.