Sky has more programming options for prepaid subscribers

Brazilian satellite pay TV operator Sky has expanded its prepaid channel packages catalog with different time periods and programming. The Digital Package, with a 30-day duration and 47 channels, has a cost of USD 4.8 per month, while the Premium option, with 191 channels in HD, amounts to USD 28.3 monthly. There are also recharge options from three days, from the Smart package, with 132 channels.

Apart from the previous mentioned packages, Sky customers can also choose extra content to the pay TV operator’s programming. With variations in the number of channels and availability days, the offer includes contents of HBO, Telecine or Premiere.

Prepaid customers will also have the option to watch the latest movie releases, with recharge options with Telecine for three days and prices starting at USD 5.6 per month, and with HBO for seven days from USD 9 per month. Subscribers may also choose to hire the contents separately in case they already have a recharge with active programming. All recharge options and package details are available on  Sky’s website (