Sky Brazil makes it difficult for CNN to enter its programming grid

Before entering the Brazilian market, CNN ran an agreement with Claro Brazil, in order to distribute its contents in the country. Now, CNN is trying to negotiate with Sky to add its contents to an intermediate package from the pay TV operator, but  Sky rejected the news TV network proposal.

According to specialized Brazilian media reports, Sky argues that  adding CNN Brazil’s contents into its programming grid would make its pay-TV offers subscriptions more expensive. According to Sky, in case CNN is added into its programming grid, it would be necessary to inform its customers about a possible increase on its monthly subscriptions, in a context in which the pay TV market is decreasing  its number of customers in Brazil.

Sky also argues that it lacks of space on its satellites to load CNN programming. The news TV network, which made large investments to guarantee its arrival at the Brazilian market, bets on the Brazilian pay-TV operator to allow its addition to its programming grid. So far, neither company has expressed on this issue.