Sky Brasil launches promotion with HBO and Telecine for prepaid service

Sky Brasil announced a new promotion for its prepaid service. Customers who make an automatic ‘Scheduled Recharge’ before December 31 will gain one-month access to HBO MAX and Rede Telecine packages.

Through this promotion, users who program the recharge of Smart, Master or Advanced packages will have access to HBO, HBO, HBO Plus, HBO Plus +, HBO Signature, Max, Max Up , MaxPrime, MaxPrime+, Telecine Premium, Telecine Action, Telecine Touch, Telecine Pipoca, Telecine Fun and Telecine Cult.

According to the operator, the goal is to offer more practicality in the recharging process. The Scheduled Recharge allows subscribers to automatically program the monthly recharge of packs ‘Smart’ (R$ 46.90/month), ‘Master’ (R$ 76.90/month), or ‘Advanced’ (R$ 90.90 month). The value is debited directly from the client’s credit card.