Sky Brasil allows access to Directv Go for their subscribers

Sky Brasil, DTH operator, enabled to their subscribers all the live content from Directv Go, for free. With the last update of the app, their users can now enjoy around 70 channels from the OTT.

In the last year, the Brazilian platform lost more than 100 thousand clients per month. Since the selling of Vrio Corp to Werthein in this past july, the company decided to incorporate one of their products to another one’s catalogue, so that they could offer to their subscribers a much lower price than the cost of purchasing both services separately. 

Directv Go, the service that launched in Brazil in december of 2020 with a monthly price of USD 11.51, increased the fee to USD 13.43. Thereby, those who subscribe to Sky Brasil will be able to avoid that extra expense and enjoy the content from channels like Globo, WarnerMedia, Discovery and Paramount; without any extra costs. 

In this way, the pay TV service is reaching to turn into a model more alike to the streaming platforms, as it already happened with Sky Play, their own TV everywhere service.