Setplex and VIVOplay announce joint venture for OTT services in Latin America

Provider of flexible, end-to-end solutions for OTT service providers Setplex has announced this last Tuesday, June 8th that it has entered into a joint venture with VIVOplay, a leading virtual multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) based in Caracas, Venezuela, to deliver the Setplex end-to-end OTT platform capabilities with VIVOplay channels to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Latin American region.

According to the information that was reported, Setplex and VIVOplay will initially roll out their combined service offerings in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, and then to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay.

Setplex and VIVOplay’s offer consists of a package of  infrastructure and high-quality licensed content for small-to-medium ISPs. For ISPs in the Latin American region, Setplex provides a one-stop service that includes everything, from encoding and transcoding of video to the development of multi-screen apps, delivery of content via CDN, security management, and real-time analytics. In addition, Setplex has developed its Nora platform as a complete OTT/IPTV middleware solution that delivers TV, VOD, catch-up TV, DVR and interactive services for customers in any IP-based network. Setplex Nora enables delivery of content to all major devices, including Smart TVs, STBs, iOS, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux environments. 

‘As a leading OTT player in the Latin American region, VIVOplay has evolved into a virtual MVPD that offers a rapid solution for Internet providers in the region that want to offer TV to their subscribers in an end-to-end solution that incorporates the best programming with the best technology’, said Carlos Hulett Guinand, CEO & Founder at VIVOplay. ‘We have found in Setplex a unique platform that enables us to meet this customer demand effectively and at a very low cost for ISPs in the region. For VIVOplay, running this agreement for Latin America with the main IPTV operator in Europe and North America puts us at a high level of competition that will allow us to grow with the speed that the market demands’, the executive added.

According to Marc Mulgrum, SVP of sales at Setplex, they consider this partnership as ‘a tremendous opportunity in the Latin American market, as operators are seeking cost-effective OTT services with premium content, and we have an ideal partner in VIVOplay to deliver this kind of package’. The executive has also reported that ‘as broadband penetration increases in Latin America, ISPs will need to offer OTT services that are right-sized for their budgets and attractive for their subscribers. We can deliver a range of options for even the smallest ISP in the market, with the right mix of simple, powerful, affordable solutions’.