SERTV to air RTVE contents in Panama

A week after RTVE Play was officially launched in Americas, RTVE announced on Monday an agreement with the Panamanian FTA TV channel SERTV, through which RTVE will provide the channel with some content from its catalog, and, in change, SERTV will spread the SVOD OTT in Panama. The agreement will start in mid-June and will last for three months.

The agreement was ran by Federico Montero Hita, Corporate General Manager at RTVE, and the General Director of the Panamanian Radio and Television State System (SERTV),  Giselle Gonzalez Villarrue. As officially reported by RTVE, the agreement ‘has been possible thanks to the mediation of the Spanish Embassy in Panama with the country’s Culture Ministry’, and confirmed that it will be effective from mid-June and will last for three months.

‘Through this agreement, RTVE will provide SERTV with some of the best content from its audiovisual catalog, so that culture helps society to overcome the difficult moments that are caused by the Covid-19 health crisis’, they explained from RTVE. RTVE content will be broadcast on SERTV during prime time. Some of them are the historical series ‘Isabel’ and ‘Carlos Rey Emperador’, UCO (Unidad Central Operativa), the documentaries ‘200. Una noche en el Prado’ and ‘El Reina Sofia, arte entre latidos’.

For its part, SERTV will spread RTVE’s new SVOD OTT in Panama, already available in Americas, and through which those who subscribe can access RTVE’s premium content, which includes productions of various genres, such as fiction, historical fiction, cinema, daily series, documentaries and entertainment. Before its launch in Americas, RTVE launched trial versions of RTVE Play in Panama.