Señal Colombia calls content producers to submit new audiovisual productions

Colombian FTA TV channel Señal Colombia (RTVC) has announced that it has opened a new call through which it will be receiving, from April 5th to May 3rd, applications for audiovisual projects based on different genres, formats and items. The initiative takes place as part of its ‘Mercado de Coproduccion’, a space created for audiovisual producers, independent producers, academies and the cultural and creative industries, aimed for them to submit new projects to the channel.

‘The ‘Mercado de Coproduccion’ is the opportunity for small and large national and international audiovisual producers have to make their products visible on the screen of a channel that covers more than 92% of the Colombian territory, which is positioned in the heart of Colombians and which is a benchmark in Latin American cultural TV’, reported Señal Colombia’s Director,  Silvana Orlandelli.

Germán Ramírez, Señal Colombia’s producer in charge of leading the Mercado de Coproduccion, reported that the company expects to ‘receive more and more projects with multiplatform content, in relation to new trends in entertainment consumption, with which we aim to let our audiences to relate in other ways with our productions’.

Categories to which audiovisual creatives may apply are: ‘nuevos contenidos’, ‘nuevas temporadas’ and ‘proyectos transmedia’.  As reported by RTVC, projects must be in an advanced creative development, research, production design and resource management. In addition, one of the requirements that interested producers must meet to participate is to have at least 40% of the total budget of the project insured, with which the maximum participation of the channel in financial terms would be 60%. In the last 3 years, in each edition of the Mercado de Coproduccion, RTVC and Señal Colombia has received an average of 150 projects.

Orlando Bernal, CTO at RTVC, is one of the confirmed speakers in the panel ‘Andean FTA broadcasters turning to SVOD + AVOD’, which will take place next Wednesday, April 21st during the first Nextv Series Andean’s virtual edition, organized by Dataxis.