Secuoya Studios and BTF Media form Micelio Media Group with content for Latin American countries, Spain and the US

The content companies Secuoya Studios (Spain) and BTF Media (Mexico) merged to form Micelio Media Group, its new audiovisual brand that will expand its presence to Argentina, Chile, Colombia and the United States, in addition to remaining in their countries of origin.

As reported by the alliance, it is planned to produce more than 150 formats and continue with the expansion in Iberian America, for which they are already in dialogue with several partners. In addition, the company will have its own distributor, which will be in charge of representing the brand in different territories and of marketing the historical and current catalogs globally, together with the intellectual property rights of the future projects of the parts integrated into the alliance.

“We firmly believe that our joint vision on the future of the audiovisual industry unites us and presents us not only with a panorama where alliances increasingly make sense, but also multiplies our possibilities of being preponderant in the creative offer, in development and in the production of content that manages to be relevant worldwide, and created in collaboration with the best Spanish-speaking talents”, the founders of BTF Media, CCO Ricardo Coeto and CEO Francisco Cordero, stated.

Raúl Berdonés, president of Secuoya Communication Group, explained: “Ultimately, the bigger we are, the more possibilities we will have to grow and successfully reach agreements with the most prominent companies in the industry“.