SBT Videos, Brazil’s SBT OTT, already has its web version

Brazilian Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT) launched SBT Videos, its own OTT platform, a content aggregator that makes videos from SBT hosted on YouTube. At present, only the OTT web version is available for free, with no need to pay any subscription. The platform’s offer also includes live SBT programming. 

Some of the contents available on SBT Videos are soap operas produced by the company, such as Revelação (2008), Amor & Revolução (2011) and Esmeralda (2004), a Brazilian version of the same-named Mexican soap opera, and others. 

On its OTT, SBT publishes links with its contents that lead directly to watch the same content on YouTube. As reported by the Brazilian specialized website Observatório da Televisão, SBT Videos already exists on YouTube, and SBT digital area decided to create a website to organize all its contents there. The Brazilian company also reported that the OTT web version may have some changes before its final one. 

Fernando Pensado, Business Development and Innovation Manager at SBT, is one of the confirmed speakers in the coming Nextv Series Brazil edition, leading conference developed by Dataxis, which will take place next December 4th at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, in San Pablo.