SBT, Record and Rede TV to invest in Brazilian films realizations

Simba Content, a joint venture that brings together Brazilian pay TV channels Rede TV, Record and SBT, together with the Paris Entertainment production company and Paris Films distributor, ran an agreement to develop film productions, and they promise to make at least 11 this year.

According to Renata Rezende, Paris Entertainment’s Executive Director, the aim of this agreement between the companies is to promote the audiovisual market with new products. ‘It is a possible business model, an agreement that only reinforces the importance of culture’, she said. Each productions distribution and visualization will be defined by the distributor. ‘The channels will not have visualization priority, each film will have its own life’, they informed from Paris Films.

The executives involved in the agreement expressed that, at a time of platforms transformation, it is necessary to continue investing in content. ‘Public money is necessary for cinema to stay in. Brazil has 170 films a year and competition is stronger with international cinema. It is important to have private and public money.These resources are investments that generate jobs positions.This is just another model that we are creating’, concludes Marcio Fraccarolli, CEO of Paris Films.