SBT arrives at the US through Sling TV

Brazilian TV channel SBT (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão) officially announced that, from mid-August, Brazilians residing in the US will also be able to access the channel’s content through Dish Network subscription packages offered by Sling TV . As confirmed from SBT, the channel’s programming will be broadcast in Portuguese, without including dubbing or subtitles in other languages.

Some of the titles of the Brazilian channel that will be offered in the US will be ‘Programa Silvio Santos’; ‘The Noite’; ‘Eliana Program’; ‘Casos de Família’; ‘As Aventuras de Poliana’; ‘Amor e Revolução’; ‘Vende-se um véu de Noiva’, and others.

‘Being launched in the US is a significant step in our brand’s international expansion and an answer to the thousands of Brazilians who live there. Our main objective is to be close to the Brazilian community residing in theUS, opening new content fronts and special personalized projects for this relevant audience’, expressed Carolina Scheinberg, New Business Manager at SBT.

SBT’s programming will be offered in the North American country through various Sling TV packages, with options such as ‘Brasil Especial’ (SBT + Globo + Globoplay + Record) and ‘Brasil Maximo’ (SBT + Globo + Globoplay + Record + Band + BandNews + PFC). The values ​​of each subscription, as officially reported by the Brazilian channel, are between USD 20 and USD 30. Likewise, the OTT Globoplay was officially launched in the US earlier this year.

Currently, SBT is already broadcast internationally for Europe, through the BrasilPlay service, and there is the possibility of expanding it to other continents In addition, SBT markets programs to broadcasters in other countries.