Satmex 5 will be restituted in 2012El Satmex 5 se restituirá en 2012

Satélites Mexicanos (Satmex) outlined the transition plan from a Satmex 5 satellite to new equipment to be named Satmex 8 or 5R. Last January, the Company informed the Unites States Stock Exchange that such replacement would be started over 2Q10 and that the launching would take place over 3Q10. The company expects to produce earnings over the first three months in 2013.

Space Systems Loral will be in charge of the construction of the satellite, which will have 24 C band transponders and 24 Ku band ones. Stamex informed through a press release that different strategic alternatives are still being evaluated, including its sale or internal restructuring, and that they were holding conversations with the main shareholders and creditors.

The launching of the new bird will require a USD 157,7 million investment for the construction, USD 110 millions to be allocated in the launching of the vehicle, USD 40,7 millions to be invested in insurance, USD 3,5 million disbursement for the control center and USD 6,2 millions to be spent on general expenses. The addition of the aforementioned figures amounts to a total investment of 318,1 millions. Although Satmex 5, which is positioned in geostationary orbit 116.8