Samsung’s TV Plus now available in Mexico

The South Korean company Samsung has officially announced this last Thursday, January 28th, the launch of ‘Samsung TV Plus’, its new streaming offer, on selected Smart TVs of its brand in Mexico. In mid-December 2020, the initiative had also taken place in Brazil. Samsung customers in Mexico will be able to access the platform for free.

‘With more people spending more time at home, TV became an entertainment center and a way to connect us to the world. Samsung TV Plus could not reach our users at a better time: when the need for a free international TV service, which can be enjoyed by the whole family, is at an all-time high’, said Aline Jabbour, Director of Samsung TV Plus Latin America Business Development.

Samsung TV Plus is available in Mexico for those company customers whose smart TVs are from 2018 onwards. Access to the platform can be done through an app that will be pre-installed on the screen of each TV. Likewise, as reported by Samsung, TV Plus brings together more than 20 linear channels in Mexico, focused on news, movies, entertainment, sports, cooking, children’s content, gaming and music. They are Tastemade, Bloomberg Television, Euronews, Flash TV, Pongalo NovelaClub, The Pet Collective, BCC Gaming, Fail Army, Saber Mas, Hard Knocks, Qwest TV, Runtime, MyTime Movie Network, Tu Cine, Insight TV, Stingray Naturescape, Demand Africa, Chiquilines, InWonder, People Are Awesome and WeatherSpy.

Apart from Mexico and Brazil, Samsung TV Plus is now available in several countries globally, including the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia. Up to now, the company did not report if the platform will be available soon in other Latin American countries.