Salvadoran Government delivers free STBs to move towards DTT

According to statistical reports developed by the Salvadoran Consumer Protection, more than 65% of TVs in that market are available to receive the digital coverage. El Salvador began its transition to DTT at the end of 2018, and, up to now, only Channel 10 -owned by the State- has access to it.

Ricardo Salazar, Consumer Protection’s President in El Salvador, recommended to acquire equipment compatible with this technology that, at present, reaches those Salvadorans with access to cable TV and those TV sets available to broadcast on DTT. Only 32.4% of the country’s total population (that is, around 543,700 households) has the necessary equipment, according to what the Consumer Protection reported.

Salvadoran Government aims to block all TVs with no all the necessary features to broadcast on DTT. It also is proposed to provide image STBs for free to low-income homes. The first municipality which will have this benefit available will be Mejicanos, because of its high population density. Electricity and Telecommunications General Superintendency (Siget) plans to develop a full DTT coverage during the next three years.