Salvadoran TV channel Genteve owes more than USD 26 thousand for radioelectric spectrum use

Salvadoran Electricity and Telecommunications General Superintendency (SIGET) officially announced that the FTA TV channel Genteve debts more than USD 26 thousand for not having paid for using its radio spectrum part to the entity since October 2016. According to the agency, Genteve is a concesionare of the band range  of 560-688 MHz.

According to what Salvadoran Telecommunications Law establishes, those companies who get a radioelectric spectrum concession to develop its broadcasts must take part of the bidding process, and pay an amount for the use of the rights to operate that public good.

Data from the National Records Center (CNR) states that the Genteve channel belongs to Canal 29 S.A. de C.V, which was founded in March 2012 by the former TV presenter, Jorge Hernandez. However, in December 2017, from the TV channel they explained that  Hernández was not a shareholder or owner of the channel, after the country’s General Prosecutor (FGR) developed several raids for the investigation against Hernández at that time, and today he is in prison. During the proceedings, Wilfredo Zepeda, Director of the channel, warned that the prosecution’s action could be ‘a political strategy, which could affect Genteve’.