Sabbatical Entertainment starts its operations in Brazil

Sabbatical Entertainment, a company that creates, produces and distributes audiovisual content, announced it has started operating in Brazil with the opening of new offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and will produce local and in Portuguese content with Brazilian partners. The company has already been operating in its Miami’s offices for two years.

‘Brazil is a country with more than 200 million inhabitants, one of the 10 most important economies in the world. It is also one of the BRIC’s countries and it is considered to be one of the largest emerging economies. It was natural for us to invest in Brazil and expand ourselves throughout the Americas with our original productions, tailored to consumers’, said Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment.

The company has a creatives, writers, producers and publishers team from Brazil who created ‘Brasil, muestra tu cara’, with contents to show the country from different points of view. The first four titles already offered by the company are Diversidad -focused on topics related to sexual diversity-; Un Brasil tan brasilero – with special items, customs and habits of the country; Carnaval – dedicated to one of the biggest events taking place in the country – and Coloso Sur – which develops several cultures, regions, music, sports and artists that emerged in Brazil.