RTVE starts filming new series in Peru

RTVE announced it has started the Un mundo para Julius filming process, a co production between RTVE and the Visiona TV (Spain), Tombuktu Films (Peru) and Machaco Films (Argentina) production companies. The project is an adaptation from the same name novel, written by Peruvian Alfredo Bryce Echenique. The filming process will take place in Lima and will last for four weeks. 

The project’s director is Rossana Diaz Costa, which has also adapted the novel. It will be starred by Fiorella de Ferrari, Gonzalo Torres, Mayella Lloclla, Fernando Bacilio, and others. Its premiere is scheduled for 2020, date that coincides with the novel’s 50th anniversary.

The plot of the project will focus on Julius, a high-class child in Lima in the 50s and 60s, who lives in a palace with his aristocratic family and extensive servitude. Over the years, Julius will gradually lose his innocence and discover an adult world full of inequalities and injustices. According to RTVE, the novel records a million copies sold in Spain.