RTVE increases its international TV channels distribution in Latin America

On Tuesday, the Spanish company RTVE announced that it managed to increase the its international channels penetration in different Latin American countries, such as Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia, according to what it has officially reported.

‘Many distributors, with the aim of offering their subscribers a greater number of channels, and greater entertainment possibilities during the confinement caused by the pandemic, have decided to take advantage of this growing demand to acquire the rights to distribute some of RTVE’s international channels, or all of them’, the Spanish company explained on the issue.

This way, RTVE reported that the pay TV operator Cablecentro will distribute the TVE Internacional channel in Costa Rica. In Peru, CJG Cable, which operates in the Oxapampa city, will be responsible for the distribution of TVE and 24H, while Inti Sat, which operates in Cuzco, will include TVE and CLAN, and Cable Fast will distribute CLAN and STAR channels.

In Bolivia, AXS will distribute TVE Internacional, and will take it to the entire country through its DTH operations. In turn, the Spanish channel will be distributed by the operator in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz via IPTV. In Belize, Alternative Networks, which operates in Belmopan, the Central American country’s capital, will distribute TVE Internacional and STAR. And in Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia, the operators Sistecom, which covers the south-eastern area of ​​Guatemala; New Telecom, which covers San Salvador, and Adminred, with operations in Bogota, Cundinamarca and Huila, have acquired the rights to distribute the full RTVE international channels package, that is, TVE Internacional, 24H, CLAN and STAR.

‘Although the agreements are already ran, in some cases the beginning of the operations may be little delayed, as it is the case of AXS in Bolivia, which will begin broadcasting RTVE channels in June’,  the company concluded.