Roku device sales blocked in Mexico

A Mexican court has ordered to stop selling Roku devices following a complaint from Cablevision (Televisa), according to a Milenio report.

The Superior Court of Justice of the City of Mexico, through file 436/2017, has ordered local retailers such as Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro, Sears and Amazon to stop importing and selling the media players.

Roku confirmed to Milenio that there is an order to temporarily blocking the distribution of its products. “As we have an open platform some pirates have made applications for Roku that have had illegal content or have infringed copyright”.

In this sense, the company clarified that they remove pirate content from their devices as soon as they are detected, and said that they are working on developing their own software system to defend the companies that are being affected.

Company representatives also said they will continue to operate in the country and that illegal services will be blocked on the platform.