Roku arrives at Brazil with smart TVs and SVOD deals

Roku announced yesterday its upcoming launch in Brazil, that is happening in tandem with local smart TV manufacturing and subscription streaming partnerships. Roku is partnering with manufacturer AOC to release a pair of smart TVs for the Brazilian market, AOC Roku TV models will be available online today in Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and Extra, and in stores as of early February.

The 32-inch and 43-inch models will include wireless connectivity and access to Roku features, including search, remote, mobile app and automatic updates. The first model will be priced at R$ 1,199 (USD 285), and the second one will be valued at R$ 1,599 (USD 380).

Roku is also partnering with Globoplay, which will be one of the first Brazilian SVODs in being available on the Roku platform, and will eventually be featured on a shortcut button on Roku remotes, as reported by FirceVideo. “Roku is an important partner for Globoplay’s expansion plans. This will improve the experience for those who consume streaming content on TV, and it will bring more competition and quality to the market,” said Erick Brêtas, general director of Globoplay, in a statement.  

Roku in Brazil will also feature the Apple TV app -with access to Apple TV+-, Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Google Play, DAZN, BabyFirstTV, Looke, PlayKids and others.  

Globo’s Valor Econômico newspaper reported that TCL, which also has a line of TVs with the Roku system, is in talks to bring the product to Brazil. In the statement distributed on Tuesday, Roku decided not to express itself about selling its own device there.