Rivit TV launches OTT in the US and Mexico with pilots to make series

The Rivit TV platform will be launched on March 24th in Mexico and the US. It is an OTT in which those who enter will be able to decide which projects become series, and how much they are willing to pay for them. As reported on its official website, the Rivit TV app will be available soon on the App Store and Google Play.

Under the slogan ‘Choose the TV that gets made’, sers will vote for a pilot within those offered by the platform, and set the price they would pay to access each episode. Options range from USD 0.99 to USD 2.99 each. The available series have up to 20 chapters.

After a 50-day financing period, and once the financing goal is reached, the series is made. In case of achieving the financial goal, users will pay less than they had promised. In addition, if other series are also approved for completion, users who have financed other projects will also have access to them.

Rivit TV does not have a monthly subscription, and was co-founded by Wade Bradley, who acts as its CEO, and Adam Shaw. Currently, the three pilots offered on its website are titled ‘Coyote Hills’, ‘La Leona’ and ‘Fabric of Lies’. The first one is a drama that focuses on Tessa Bravo, a journalism student who returns to her small town and finds the disappearance of a couple with similarities to a mystery that shocked the town 13 years ago and involved their parents. ‘La Leona’ focuses on Paulina Hernandez, a seasoned woman who survives a terrible decade in a maximum security prison, who was unfairly convicted of the murder of the brother of a powerful politician. Lastly, ‘Fabric of Lies’ will focus on Sandra Ruiz, an aspiring fashion designer, who gets devastated when her sister -a model-,  mysteriously dies on a yacht during the party hosted by famed designer Loretta Williams and her husband, Diego.