Red Intercable from Argentina demanded a minimum of five years before the entrance of telcos to Pay-TV


Red Intercable, a network of small and medium Pay-TV operators from Argentina, demanded the national Government through a statement to extend the limit from two to five years before the entrance of telephone operators in the television business in that country, established by presidential decree.


The President of Red Intercable, Jorge Di Blasio, complained of the term of two or three years fixed before the entry of telcos into TV business and considered it insufficient time for small and medium companies in the sector to develop technologically in order to compete with those large corporations.


“It is necessary to pay attention to the central fact of the different economic scales and the necessary time these need to invest and to compete with these global giants from the premise of correct asymmetries through a different set of conditions for those incoming”, stated Di Blasio.


On the other hand, he expressed support for the decree that created the National Communications Entity (Enacom), which replaced the Audiovisual Communication Services Federal Authority (Afsca) and the Information Technology and Communications Federal Authority (Aftic).