Record TV made the first live voting with digital TV middleware in Brazil

Brazilian free-to-air  TV network Record TV made the first live voting in Brazilian digital TV through remote control, with the middleware Ginga, in order to choose the best dressed in the Golden Globe 2019. Record TV is the first TV network in using this method to interact with its audience in Brazil.

The novelty took place at the programme  “Hoje em Dia”, in which viewers needed to choose the best dressed between  actresses Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman at the Golden Globes Red Carpet 2019. In less than five minutes of launched the voting, still during the explanation video on the air, 300 votes were received. Few minutes later, more than two thousand viewers took part in the action and chose Halle Berry’s look.

Record TV’s DTH is available in more than 1,300 municipalities and can be seen by about 120 million Brazilians. The broadcaster wants to expand the interactivity now to the rest of programming. For example, to choose participants who will stay in the realities ‘Dancing Brazil’ and ‘A Fazenda’.