RDC TV stops its operations in Net Brazil

Brazilian Rede Digital de Comunicação (RDC TV) announced last Thursday that it was no longer available on Net’s channels 24 and 524. That is what the company officially informed for all its subscribers.

Marcio Irion, RDC TV’s President, officially confirmed that the channel stopped to appear on the Brazilian pay TV operators programming grid. ‘We are trying to stay out of the Net’s lineup to create a digital access culture. Anyone who currently has access to pay TV in their home can continue accessing our live content, but through the button that connects to our YouTube channel, which is being fully remodeled’, he said.

According to Irion, the TV network wants to advance in the delivering disruptive content, in which it is no necessary to pay for its reception. Now, as he indicated, a new stage in the channel will begin, with the aim of showing ‘what is to be digital’. About the departure of Net’s programming, Irion said that Brazilian law does not value the growth of regional channels. ‘Unlike the US, which pays for the content to be delivered to its subscribers, in Brazil pay TV operators charge content operators. We want to break with this model. The one who choose how and where to access content is the subscriber’, he completed.

 About the possibility of returning to the Net’s catalog in the future, RDC TV’s President said that everything will depend on the actions that will be implemented in the network, and also on Net. ‘It is necessary to understand that we are not just a number. We are generating content of interest to its subscribers’, he said. The channel’s programming is available on its website, its Facebook page and its official YouTube channel. At the moment, it is unknown if a new TV network will enter Net’s channels 24 and 524, or if RDC TV will return.