RCN releases original series in quarantine, recorded with cell phones

The Colombian FTA TV channel RCN will premiere this Sunday ‘Confinados’, its new original series, fully produced with cell phones and remotely directed by video calls, during the quarantine period due to the advance of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As officially reported by the Colombian channel, the series ‘explores the fun side of the moment that is lived in the entire world due to the Covid-19 pandemic’. Tackled from a humorous point of view, the series will deal with topics related to coexistence, work, communication with friends and family, as well as daily routines in the pandemic context.  The series scenes recordings were made by the actors from their homes.

‘’Confinados’ tells the story of ‘El Negro Contreras’, a young man from Bogota who lives by selling liquor in a place in Sanandresito, who, after accepting to be the sub-tenant of an apartment, will be forced to live with Valentina, who surprisingly arrives at the place, having to return from Spain, where he was studying. This way, the pandemic will force these two characters -with very different ways of being, tastes and customs- to coexist and support each other, with the only purpose of surviving and protecting themselves from the dangerous virus found in the street, generating unexpected humorous situations’, RCN reported on the plot of the series.