RCN creates new unit focused on international content distribution

Colombian FTA TV channel RCN Television announced this last Monday, October 5th, it has created a new international content distribution unit, which it called ‘RCN Distribution’, and will be in charge of Alexander Marin, former Sony Pictures Television executive. The new division will be based in Miami, US.

‘Own and third-party content distribution will be one of the new challenges for RCN Television as of October, with the opening of the new ‘RCN Distribution’ division”, reported Jose Antonio de Brigard, President at RCN.

The executive also reported that the TV industry ‘is going through much change, where the interest in great stories and very high quality content is at its peak’, adding that he is ‘sure that with the strengthening and amplification of the RCN Distribution operation, together with the diverse contents of other production companies that will join this project, we will quickly position ourselves as an important supplier for multiple platforms in the world’.