Rappi adds music, video games, live events and online shopping into its app

The Colombian multinational company Rappi, based in Bogota and specialized in home delivery of products, announced it is expanding its business model with the launch of Rappi Entertainment, an entertainment alternatives portfolio, covering video games, music, live events and online shopping within its app. The company is currently operating in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

‘With this launch, we have created an ecosystem where we will have all the entertainment in the industry condensed on the platform, managing to go through experiences that are going to be absolutely disruptive for Rappi and users only within our platform’, said Juan Sebastian Ruales, Global Head of New Business at Rappi Entertainment. 

As officially reported on the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nacion’ web version,  Rappi will offer online video games through ‘Rappi Games’. The platform has abled the ‘multiplayer’ option and the possibility of winning real prizes or ‘rappicreditos’, the app’s own currency. Rappi Games currently has 150 games available. Rappi also ventures into music streaming with ‘Rappi Music’, where, according to La Nacion, the offer will be complemented by live events to offer, in one place, the best of music and streaming. Up to now, Rappi is defining the artists that will be part of the experience.

Another of the edges that Rappi will contemplate is focused on broadcasting live events, with referents from different disciplines, such as music, literature, technology, sports and other areas. One of the advantages of Rappi is that those who participate in live events will receive tips or payments in real time through the app. In addition, Rappi also offers the possibility for its users to make online shopping and buy products used by artists in their lives, or other products that are shown in each experience broadcasted by the company.