Polka resumes fiction content productions and plans to start filming new series in April

As reported in February, and after having cancelled all its productions for almost a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Argentine production company Pol-ka will resume its fiction content productions. According to the information reported, the company plans to start recording in April ‘La 1 5/18’, its new series, which will be available on the Argentine FTA TV channel El Trece (Artear).

Apart from its title, Polka has also reported some of the actors that will make up the cast of the new series, which will be starred by Agustina Cherri, Gonzalo Heredia and Esteban Lamothe. The filming will take place in the production company’s ‘Baires’ studios, located in Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires, and will be set in the Villa 31 neighborhood. The plot of the series will focus on a love story between the already mentioned actors.

‘La 1 5/18’ will mean the return of Polka to the fiction productions field, after, in 2020, it has canceled the recordings of ‘Separadas’, the last fiction that the company premiered before the advance of the pandemic, also on El Trece’s screen. In mid-2020, Adrian Suar, Polka’s Founder & CEO, sent a letter to the company’s employees in which he acknowledged that the production company was facing a difficult situation. ‘The Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed us, completely stopped us and disabled us from continuing to work, precipitating our reality as a company. The Polka that we knew until before the pandemic is unsustainable, we do not know what industry we will find when our activity is reactivated. In the midst of this uncertainty, I do not know  what Polka we are going to’, said the executive at that time.

On the other hand, last January it was possible to resume and finish the recordings of the second season of ‘El Tigre Veron’, a fiction series for El Trece and Flow, which had been cancelled when the lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic in Argentina began, on mid-March 2020. The first season of that series was the most watched on Flow in 2019.