Polka not to resume recordings of it latest production after quarantine

After the announcement that Uruguay will resume its audiovisual productions recordings, Argentine media confirmed that ‘Separadas’, a telenovela by the Argentine producer Pol-ka broadcast on the FTA TV channel Canal 13, will not resume its recordings after the quarantine period due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

‘What is going on is the economic crisis that is going through a content producer, which is hold with TV production hours, and cannot continue supporting a fiction content  if the production process is stopped. Unfortunately, it is not possible to proceed’, confirmed Channel 13 sources to the specialized website television.com.ar.

‘Separadas’ premiered on Canal 13 last January 20th, and remained on air until March 19th, a day before Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez, decreed the mandatory quarantine in the country for the advance of the Coronavirus pandemic . It was written by Marta Betoldi, Esteban del Campo and Josefina Licitra. Its direction was in charge of Martin Saban and Sebastian Pivotto, while Adrian Suar was the General Producer, and Diego Andrasnik the Production Director. In addition, Paula Granica was the Executive Producer, and Marcos Carnevale was its Director of Contents.