Polka acknowledges that it is experiencing economic and structural difficulties due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Adrian Suar, founder of the Argentine production company Polka, has sent an email to the company’s employees, in which he reports that the company is going through a difficult situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Polka was created in 1994 and is responsible for the production of soap operas and series for Canal 13, one of the most important FTA TV channels in Argentina.

‘The Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed us, completely stopped us and made us unable to continue working, precipitating our reality as a company. The Polka that we knew until before the pandemic is unsustainable, we do not know what industry we are going to find when our activity is reactivated. Taking this uncertainty into account, I do not know which Polka we are going to’, said the executive.

As the Argentine website Infobae officially reported, Suar is working on a restructuring plan for Polka, which would reduce its number of employees (around 300) to a smaller number. Most of the company’s employees, according to Infobae, would be hired according to what each project requires.

Despite the situation described by Suar, in recent months Polka had worked on the premiere of the series ‘Puerta 7’ on Netflix; the production of the second season of ‘El Tigre Verón’, which has been cancelled by the impact of the Coronavirus, and others projects. In addition, the company planned to start a new production, based on the murder of the Argentine sociologist Maria Marta García Belsunce, which took place in 2002, and ‘Femicidios’, together with Disney. Recently, due to its difficult situation, Polka had to cancel the recording of the soap opera ‘Separadas’.