Pocoyo’s new season to premiere on YouTube Kids

The fourth season of the popular Spanish series Pocoyo – produced by Zinkia – will premiere exclusively on YouTube Kids. It marks the first time the series will be available first on a digital platform, after 10 years on TV.

YouTube Kids will offer exclusively the 26 episodes of this famous character. The first episode will be available on November 25 in Spanish (Europe) and Brazilian Portuguese. The Latin American Spanish and English versions will be released on November 28.

The main novelty of this new season will be the incorporation of a new female character, who will play a very prominent role.

With the launch in the children’s YouTube app, Zinkia reaffirms its commitment to digital environment, in particular, this video platform, where it offers content since 2006. Through a network of 18 channels and in 18 languages, Pocoyo has thousands of videos, 5.7 million subscribers and a cumulative of 8,115 million views.