Pluto TV registered over 52 million monthly active users

Darío Turovelzky, General Director from Cono Sur and Global Contents from ViacomCBS Networks Americas, revealed that, according to the latest official numbers, the Pluto TV platform registered over 52 million monthly active users

In the first day of Nextv Series South America, the ViacomCBS VPS was presented as a speaker in the panel called The consolidation of the television business and the new role of the global media giants, where he talked about one of the mains products of the company, the IPTV that was launched in Argentina on may from las year. 

Turovelzky explained that the most attractive thing about PlutoTV is that it’s completely free for every user and it doesn’t require any type of registration. It also has more than 20 thousand hours of content of diverse genres, with a large catalogue of channels from all over the world.

In addition, he also announced that recently, ViacomCBS made a contract with Noblex, the TV company, to produce new Smart TVs with direct access to Pluto TV. This way, as it already happened with other streaming services, the remote controls will have a specific button so that the user can access directly to the platform.