Pluto TV now broadcasts via Chromecast and features 70 channels launched in Latin America

ViacomCBS has officially reported last week that Pluto TV titles, its new AVOD OTT launched this year in Latin America, are now available to be broadcasted Chromecast. In addition, the platform continues to expand its content offer in the region, where it already features a total of 70 channels since its launch.

In terms of new content, Pluto TV has recently added four new channels: ‘Pluto TV Paisajes’ (channel 272); ‘Los Tres Chiflados’ (channel 108); ‘Pluto TV Aventura’ (channel 279); and ‘Empeños a lo Bestia’ (channel 323). Likewise, from next December 1st, ViacomCBS AVOD OTT will include four other new channels as part of its line-up: ‘Pluto TV Cine Navidad’ (channel 95); ‘Pluto TV Luces Navideñas’ (channel 96); ‘Pluto TV Chimenea Navideña’ (channel 97); and ‘Pluto TV Star Trek’ (channel 50).

‘From these new launches, Pluto TV already has a solid offering in the region, with 70 curated channels with movies, series and programs in several genres, that include documentaries, anime, lifestyle, reality shows, sports, science fiction , action, horror, nature and content for children’, they reported from ViacomCBS.

At present, the Latin American version of Pluto TV is available in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela. In December, the AVOD OTT will be officially launched in Brazil, where it will be available on its official website, as well as mobile devices and Smart TVs.