Playhub strengthens its OTT content offering for ISPs in Brazil with Deezer

Brazilian company Playhub, which distributes the main content providers in terms of movies, series, documentaries, children’s content and other entertainment titles, has recently announced that it is now offering Deezer’s app as part of its OTT content catalog for ISPs.

According to the information that was reported on the matter, the Deezer app joins others that are already part of Playhub’s offer for ISPs in Brazil, such as Paramount+; Cartoon Network App; Noggin; Estadio TNT Sportspreviously known as ‘Esporte Interativo’-; Hube Revistas -with a more than 200 magazines content catalog that is updated weekly-; Fluid -with meditation and yoga content-; and others; which can be accessed in order to consume  on demand content.

In the case of Deezer, the app can be accessed by ISP clients from any mobile device, and even PCs, laptops, smart speakers, smart TVs, video game consoles, and others.

‘Deezer connects more than 16 million monthly active music fans around the world, and has great appeal among Brazilian users. It is with this expectation that Playhub runs this agreement to strengthen the ISPs capabilities throughout Brazil’, reported Pablo Martines, CEO at Playhub.